The mission exists in Ukraine since 2010. For today, successfully implementing a number of projects – We will help to survive, Feed the hungry, the Chamber of Mercy, Heating points. Within the framework of these projects, the organization establishes the Humanitarian Aid and Collection Points, the Heating for the Homeless, opens the Centers for Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation, distributes food to the poor, assists in the provision of health services, etc.

The mission began its work in the city of Odessa. For today the activity of the organization has spread to the territory of all Ukraine. During 7 years of operation, 8 branches were established in various localities of the country. More people became volunteers and partners of the mission – among the volunteers from 5 to 60 people with each branch.

Mission “NEW LIFE” cooperates with the international association YMCA, the International Relief Service Emmanuel IMOCE, the world service of Christian support for GCS. With the support of these missions, it became possible to cover even more Ukrainians with care and attention.

Every day people come to the organization with their problems – homeless, co-dependent, socially unprotected categories of the population or just those who became hostage to circumstances. Thanks to their responsiveness and desire to help, they find a solution to their problems and gain hope, and some start a new life. After all, the main goal of the mission is not just to provide one-time help, but to help those who really want it, to break out of the vicious circle and become full-fledged individuals.

The Christian mission “New Life” under the motto “We Love God – Serve People!” Continues to develop and is gaining new dimensions, uniting all those who are not indifferent to the problems of other people and are ready to help their neighbor not with word, but with deed.